10 thoughts on “BIG DATA

  1. anntogether.com

    I know it never matters how much information you have, or the amount of research you’ve amassed when it comes time, it will be mailed to the incorrect address… 😉

      1. anntogether.com

        Oh no no, dear porcupine, I meant from my end – after too much research/reading/writing I usually mess up the addressee portion of the envelope! I’d never ‘diss the USPS. I have an excellent friend who delivers the mail And I agree with you there 100% – they absolutely work hard.
        sorry about the miscommunication – my fault – I should have worded it differently

      2. Slightly Chilled Porcupine Post author

        Now that we’re on the same page,I agree with you 100%. I just finished my taxes, but it turns out I mailed them to my buddy in northern Saskatchewan instead of the IRS. But these kinds of things happen.

      3. anntogether.com

        I’m amazed how often I mail things to wrong places. I hope your taxes ended up with Uncle Sam. Sorry again, about the miscommunique. I need to chill a bit more – I go too fast sometimes. 🙂
        Enjoy the week

  2. Alex Jones

    Now all he has to do is apply that data correctly to real life situations, which is where he comes unstuck since there is a major difference between knowledge and wisdom.


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