1. tentninja

    haha, i love your cartoons. I have a confession to make, because i’m following you it shows me your cartoons without having to view your page so i don’t think it will show in your stats. you should try see if you can stop it showing your images in the email notifications. you would probably get so many more shares/likes/follows/comments if people were clicking the link to come to your page. I don’t know, maybe you don’t care about that thing in which case sorry for the big comment 😛 keep up the comedy with a hidden deep twist to it lol it brightens my day when i read your simple witty comments and funny drawings. lol, i hope you’re enjoying your days brother 🙂 take care.

    1. Slightly Chilled Porcupine Post author

      Thanks for the compliment. I see what you’re saying about the stats, but I don’t want to make it harder for people see the images…which is all there is.

      Anyhow, thanks for checking them out.


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