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  1. Henry Vinson

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    Mingo County Poltics is a beast of its own. Recently, Judge Mike Thornsbury was sentenced to fifty months in federal prison. Disgraced Judge Thornsbury entered a plea agreement with the United States for violating someone’s constitutional rights. In fact, disgraced Judge Thornsbury conspired with others to violate the constitutional rights of George White.

    Former Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum was protecting his reputation at the expense of others. Judge Thornsbury admitted in federal court that he and others, including Sheriff Eugene Crum, came up with this great plan to arrest George White and send him to prison for drug distribution. George White was arrested, charged with a felony and sentenced to prison for up to 15 years by disgraced Judge Mike Thornsbury. Disgraced ex-prosecutor C. Michael Sparks was implicated in the scheme by Judge Mike Thornsbury. Now, C. Michael Sparks is awaiting his fate on Monday, June 16, 2014, at the United States Court House in Charleston, West Virginia. Judge Thomas Johnson will sentence C. Michael Sparks for his role in the criminal conspiracy in the Southern District of West Virginia at Charleston, West Virginia.

    From framing scorned love interests to framing political rivals, Mingo County has a long history for corruption. George White stated in court at Judge Mike Thornsbury’s sentencing, “There is WV Law, there is Federal Law, and there is Mingo County Law. I am much more afraid of Mingo County Law.”

    Judge Thornsbury was given 50 months in federal prison, instead of 60 months, for his substantial assistance to the government. Thornsbury is never one to engage in anything save for self-serving and one-dimensional behavior. In the world of Mike Thornsbury, only one person matters: Judge Michael Thornsbury. Meanwhile, disgraced prosecutor C. Michael Sparks has been spreading the word, “Judge Thornsbury is throwing me under the bus.” Michael Sparks has stated he is a victim of Thornsbury’s sinister scheme.


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