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    After a couple of weeks, I finally log in to check my prematurely dying blog and find this first on the feed. It’s funny considering that this is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Some days it’s so hard to work up to writing, cleaning, or just picking up the phone when most days I feel like doing nothing. I have a camera full of pictures and a notebook increasing everyday with recipes and reviews that I’ve been meaning to share. Other than being at home or work I’m just there. I know it sounds like a bit of a pity party over here, and maybe it is, so sorry about that.

    I’ve always hated that about myself, I start so many different projects and rarely finish any of them. Guess I just have to find the right motivation. But like, why are we doing any of this anyway? And on that note, when have I become so pessimistic? Granted, I don’t like when other people are feeling sad, and I try my hardest to turn their day around, but for myself? What the heck happened? It’s so hard to do anything without a tinge of gray. I bet it’s not helping that I’m sharing the sadness right? Heh.

    So I’ll stop right there. I hope everyone is feeling better than I am. Don’t worry about me. I have no decent reason to feel the way that I do after all. Toodles.

    Ashley Alli.

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